Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

If you're looking toward the New Year with an eye toward self-improvement, you're probably working on your resolutions.  But this year, consider making resolutions for the whole person.    There are 7 commonly-accepted Dimensions of Wellness.  The idea here is that if you develop in each direction, you'll be a well-rounded person.  As you make your plans for 2011, think about ways to get better in all these ways:

-Physical (this one's obvious, usually exercise, better eating, weight-loss, etc)
-Intellectual (take a class, read a book, just learn something!)
-Spiritual (read scripture, go to church, meditate)
-Social (make plans to get out there & make friends, or grow closer to current ones)
-Vocational (this one involves work, or volunteering-putting your stamp on the world)
-Emotional (remember how your words affect your relationships, work on controlling your temper, or even start taking fish oil, to help with your depression)
-Environmental (set a house-keeping schedule & stick to it, finish one of those projects that's been bothering you, or just re-decorate a room to be more soothing)

You've got a fresh start.  Why not grow in every way you can?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A center of calm in the chaos.

Happy Holidays!

In the next couple days, the traffic will be crazy, parking will be near-impossible, and the lines in the stores will be long.  Family members will be coming & going, children will be screaming, people who love each other will respond sharply, and the greatest frenzy of the year will only increase.  But in the middle of this, the yogi.
Take a minute each day to step back & find the silence within yourself.  Turn off the television, the phones, and even the beautiful Christmas music.  Listen to your breath.  Remember that you are not this chaos.  That the eternal portion of you (your soul) can be quiet, like the eye of the storm.  And when you're in line, or stuck in traffic, remember that the person across from you is also a Soul.  Take a deep breath, and offer up a blessing, because they are stuck in that chaos, too.  I like this one,
May you be filled with loving-kindness,
May you be well,
May you be peaceful & at ease,
May you happy.
See if it changes your attitude, and then, just maybe, your world.