Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

If you're looking toward the New Year with an eye toward self-improvement, you're probably working on your resolutions.  But this year, consider making resolutions for the whole person.    There are 7 commonly-accepted Dimensions of Wellness.  The idea here is that if you develop in each direction, you'll be a well-rounded person.  As you make your plans for 2011, think about ways to get better in all these ways:

-Physical (this one's obvious, usually exercise, better eating, weight-loss, etc)
-Intellectual (take a class, read a book, just learn something!)
-Spiritual (read scripture, go to church, meditate)
-Social (make plans to get out there & make friends, or grow closer to current ones)
-Vocational (this one involves work, or volunteering-putting your stamp on the world)
-Emotional (remember how your words affect your relationships, work on controlling your temper, or even start taking fish oil, to help with your depression)
-Environmental (set a house-keeping schedule & stick to it, finish one of those projects that's been bothering you, or just re-decorate a room to be more soothing)

You've got a fresh start.  Why not grow in every way you can?

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