Friday, January 14, 2011

Handmade rice heating bags

If you can sew, you can make a really nice rice-filled handmade heating pad.  These are microwaveable, and all-natural, and pretty quick to put together.

You'll need:
-a 12 x 12 inch square of the outside fabric (I used leftover quilt squares)
-a 12 x 12 inch square of lining fabric
-a washcloth
-a funnel
-thread & sewing supplies
-a sewing machine
-cutting supplies (I used a rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat & a quilting ruler, but you could use scissors and a regular ruler)

leftover quilt square

 Begin by cutting your fabrics.  Make sure the outside & lining are the same size.

Create a pocket, by folding the outside fabric in half, right-sides together.  Stitch one short side & the long side closed.  Create another pocket from the lining fabric, but leave a 3" opening in the middle of the long side.

Be sure to clip your corners.

Turn the outside pocket right-sides out, and insert it into the lining pocket, placing the raw edges together.  Stitch around the top.

 Reach through the hole in the lining pocket and pull out the outside fabric.  Turn the lining pocket right side out & use a butter knife to push out the corners.

Stitch together the hole in the lining, using either a hand stitch or a topstitch.
Push the lining down into the outside pocket.
Topstitch around the opening, to create a more finished look.

Next, fold your washcloth in half.  Stitch up the short sides, then sew parallel lines, to create small pockets in the washcloth.

Use a funnel to pour rice into the small pockets, filling about 1/2 full.  Stitch across the top to close.
Insert washcloth into cover & you're done!
Heating pads can be microwaved 1-2 minutes, but please be careful as you remove them.  They will be hot.

If you aren't interested in making your own, these are available at the studio, or by phone.
Mountain Yoga Studio
151-A East Mountcastle
Johnson City, TN  37601

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