Friday, February 4, 2011

Lavender Essential Oil

At Mountain Yoga, we employ many forms of aromatherapy, from candles & incense, to pure essential oils.  According to Web MD, Aromatherapy is defined as "the use of essential oils from plants as therapy to improve physical, emotional & spiritual well-being".
Lavender essential oil is a favorite at our studio. We mix a few drops in some water & use as a calming spray that helps deepen sivasana.  Lavender has some hormone-like effects, but with few bad side effects.  It may improve the quality of life for cancer patients by relieving their stress & anxiety.  Lavender has been proven to enhance relaxation, relieve anxiety and help with depression.  The scent of it has even been proven to enhance sleep.
I like lavender essential oil, especially during these cold winter months.  It helps my mood, and calms my monkey-mind.
For more information, check out WebMD, aromatherapy.
My favorite lavender oil is here:, but you can find it at any health food store.  If you go to young living, you can use my distributer number:  1064064.
Happy sleeping!

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