Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Marine Corps meets the Yogini

This morning, I had the great opportunity to teach a yoga class to some active-duty Marines at our local Reserve Center.  I was so nervous!  My husband was a Marine, so I have a tiny understanding of their history & culture.  Also, they really thought it was neat that I'm married to a former Marine.
So, today, it was 13 big, strong guys and one little 'ole me.  But I put 'em through the paces.  We did several sun salutations, a warrior series, a backbend, and even some inversions.
Through it all, they grunted, moaned and laughed.  Their great attitude made it fun, and pretty soon, I wasn't so nervous anymore.  One guy was there, taking pictures, which I hope to recieve copies of soon.
My favorite part was sivasana.  They weren't sure I was serious when I told them to lie down & cover up with the blanket.  But once down, the strong warriors relaxed and focused on their breath.
Thanks, guys.  It was an honor.

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