Friday, March 9, 2012

Raw it for you?

Raw foodians will tell you that raw is the only way to go for health.  Others say that raw is not healthy.  From an ayurvedic standpoint, raw is only good for some people, as it is so cooling.  The famous raw foodian, Dr. Cousens says we should limit calories and pretty much anything but raw veggies.  But isn't yogurt good for you?  What about whole grains?  What about traditional meals, like dahl, miso soup, etc?  So many questions!  What's a yogi to do?
Many questions, only one answer-food is individual!  Just like our yoga practice, we have to look at what our individual bodies need and find a way to fulfill those needs.
I am entering the third week of my most recent food experiment.  I am eating 2 raw (or living food) meals a day.  And I feel awesome!  I'm not going totally raw.  As a Vata Dosha (ayurvedic constitution), I am often cold, and a totally raw diet may have unintended consequences.  Also, I'm what we call a "householder", which means I also need to take into account the dietary needs and tastes of my husband.  Plus, I know I need probiotics, so I'm including delicious yogurt and other living foods during the day.  In the evening, when I'm eating cooked foods, we are also consuming many more vegetables, as that's what I've stocked up on.
After 2 weeks of this eating practice, I feel great.  I have more energy, my belly is happy, and I feel good about my food choices.  Another reason I'm not too strict about my diet is that I need freedom & self-compassion in all things.  Eating is a yoga practice all to itself.  Non-attachment, non-harming, purity...
Some great books I've found include, but are not limited to:
The Yoga of Eating-Charles Eisenstein
Raw food for 1 or 2 people-Jennifer Cornbleet
Rainbow Green Live-food Cuisine-Dr. Cousens
Nourishing Traditions-Sally Fallon
There are many great books out there about concious and mindful eating.  Start today to consider your food part of your yoga practice!

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