Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What in the world is HOT YOGA?

I had a friend ask the other day, “so, is that sexy yoga, or something?” I immediately had images of the sweat that drips from my nose, and replied “No way!” But I guess it’s all in your perspective.

Hot Yoga is simply yoga with the heater turned up. We’ll keep the studio between 85-95 degrees. Many of you have heard of Hot Yoga, as it seems to be really popular all over the country. We get several calls every month, asking if anyone in the area offers Hot Yoga classes, and until now, we’ve had to say no.

Beginning August 2, 2012, Mountain Yoga will offer 2 Hot classes a week, and we hope to add more, as we see a demand. And, to introduce the Tri-Cities community to Hot Yoga, we’ll offer these classes FREE for the first two weeks!

Hot Yoga classes offer:
       -a cardiovascular workout
       -a deeper stretch
       -fat burn
       -capillary dilation, to increase oxygen in the system
       -increased metabolism
       -increased immunity
        And so much more!
For more on Hot Yoga, check out the video at, or

Classes at Mountain Yoga in Johnson City, TN:
          Thursday 7:15 pm Flow 1 & 2
           Saturday 8 am Flow 1

Special note from the teacher: mat towels are recommended, and a hand towel is a must! Mat towels are available for purchase at the studio.

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