Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visceral Fat-Hidden Destroyer!

We all associate the big Santa Claus belly with an unhealthy person, correct?  But it may be the fat you CAN’T see that’s causing health issues.  The fat we see just under the skin is subcutaneous fat, but visceral fat, the fat around your belly organs is much more dangerous for your health.

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center recommend eating more soluble fiber from veggies, fruit and beans, and exercising more.  They found that when you eat 10 grams more in soluble fiber every day, your visceral fat actually declines 3.7% in 5 years.  If you increase your activity, you can decrease this fat 7.4% in five years!  Some ways to get more soluble fiber include apples, peas, and pinto beans.  So hit the produce section of the grocery store today!

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