Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Year already??

Mountcastle Center
Wow.  May 1st is sneaking up on me.  That's the one-year anniversary of Mountain Yoga's move to the Mountcastle Center.  What a ride!  It seems like yesterday.
In case you don't know, Mountain Yoga was founded in November, 2008.  For several months, we had just a few classes a week and met at Mullins Shaolin-Kung Fu.  That was a different atmosphere for yoga classes, as it is a HUGE space, with weapons on the wall.  :-)  But we were so thankful to Garry Mullins for allowing us to get our start there.  In April of 2009, we found the studio at the King Center in downtown Johnson City, and Mountain Yoga Studio was born.  This small, beautiful space was a leap of faith for us.  Could we make rent each month?  But we did.  And quickly, we outgrew the space and were looking for a new place.  Which brings us to May, 2010.  With butterflies in my stomach, I signed a lease for the old Cat's music space, behind Target.  Rent was much higher, but so was the visibility.  Could this new studio survive?  What was I getting into?
But, here we are, one year later.  And Mountain Yoga is more than I dreamed.  Our students are amazing, happy, dedicated & loving.  I wake up each morning, grateful for what God has given me.  And we're looking forward to more years of sharing yoga & loving each other.
So, Monday, May 2nd, we're celebrating!  Join us for a class, and get snacks & coffee from The Coffee & Tea Haven.
Most of all, THANK YOU to all our wonderful students and dear friends.  You're the greatest!

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