Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Root to Stem

In one of my recent magazines, I read an article about “root to stem” eating. Making sure every usable part of the plant is consumed. At our house, it’s all consumed, but not necessarily by humans. First, Scott & I eat what we want, then the dog gets whatever she would like that is safe for her. She loves meat, of course, but will try just about anything. She even eats carrots. The chickens are next. They love tomatoes, especially, and corn on the cob is a real treat for them. Finally, whatever is not consumed as food eventually makes it to the compost pile.

This reduces the amount of waste in the garbage can, but also clears our conscience, and cares for our animals.

If you don’t have animals, you can try the “root to stem” movement for yourself. Did you know that you can eat the greens from carrots? They are nutritious and tasty. Try them on your salad. End pieces, and parts of veggies that aren’t so pretty can be chopped fine for salads, or juiced. After juicing, the pulp can even be used for muffins and other breads!

What can you do today to waste less food? With so many in our world going hungry, it’s important that we all be good stewards of our blessings.

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