Monday, October 22, 2012

Is Junk Food Cheaper?

“But it’s cheaper to eat at McDonald’s” Have you ever heard that? Worse yet, have you ever said that? It’s ok. I’m not surprised. It’s a common misconception. In September 2011, Mark Bittman wrote an article for the New York Times called, “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” He went to McDonald’s, and ordered an assortment of foods for a family of four. It totaled $28, or $7 per person. He reasoned that meals at home are so much less expensive. For about $14, a roast chicken and veggies, with a salad and milk would feed four or more people! And there are even cheaper ways to provide a good, wholesome meal.

In August of that same year, Slow Food USA set up a campaign to have members share their $5 meal ideas. Their members submitted over 5,000 meal plans, all for under $5 per person.

Eating slow food, versus fast food, doesn’t just make sense, it also makes “cents”!

For more information, and a link to these cheap & healthy slow food meals, go to

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