Thursday, October 11, 2012

Niyama: Isvara Pranidhanam (surrender)

The word has so many connotations, both good & bad.  To surrender in a physical battle is frightening.  it puts you at the enemy's will.  So many times in history, warriors killed themselves to avoid torture at the hands of the enemy.
But what if you're surrendering to a friend?  What if you're surrendering to someone you trust?
You might begin by surrendering to someone who knows more than you do about a topic.  Can you surrender enough to learn something?  Or maybe just surrender a little in your yoga pose.  Just give up a little of the 'fight' for the pose, and see what you can soften.  But to truly practice Isvara Pranidhanam is to surrender to One who is greater.  To surrender to God.  Giving up my will, my way, my plans is probably the toughest battle I'll fight.  Every day, I try to surrender my ego to His plan.  Every day I fail.   Guess that's why we call it our PRACTICE.
The picture above is of a beautful new mama and baby in Nicaragua.  This little one is so precious, but so incredibly vulnerable.  But he trusts his mother, and those around him.  Full surrender...
How much can you surrender today?

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