Friday, March 22, 2013

Lululemon, Modesty, & Yoga

So, by now everyone's heard of the Lululemon problem with their see-through yoga pants.  It's a big joke all over the country.  It was clearly an accident, and they did not mean to have such skimpy wear.  But it makes me think about yoga and modesty and clothing.
Here, in Johnson City, Tennessee, we're pretty conservative.  It's rare that I think a student is exposing too much.  But in other parts of the country, skimpy yoga wear is a way of life.  It's all about "the look", with your designer yoga gear.  (Lululemon is one of the more expensive brands, but many companies carry yoga pants that cost over $100)  Seen and be seen is often the main issue of someone's practice.
I'm not against looking good, or even purchasing from these companies.  I think they have great performance products, and if you do a lot of yoga, it can be a good investment.  One day soon, I'd like to carry great yoga clothing here at the studio.
But let's look at the original yogis.  They were men, to begin with.  But they were also ascetics.  They renounced all worldly goods, and lived by the kindness of others.  I can bet they didn't do spandex.  They probably modeled the latest in "dirty rags".
So, let's look for balance.  Enjoy your cute yoga clothes, but keep in mind that yoga is so much more than the outside.  It's all about what's inside that counts.

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