Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Theme

I was reading email the other day, and my friend, Kim Bushore-Maki at Shakti in the Mountains had sent a New Years' letter about having a theme for 2013, instead of individual resolutions.  I immediately loved the idea.  Each year, I get so excited about the clean slate, and I set several resolutions, in all areas of life.  But then, I look back on them, and they either became irrelevant within a few months, or I simply didn't stick to them.
So, instead of specific resolutions, I have a new theme for the year:  ORDER.  If you've ever seen my office, you know what a challenge this is to me.  I've always been "the artistic, creative type"...or at least that was my excuse.  My office (despite all my attempts) is a wreck!  I try really hard to keep things in order, but there's just so much stuff, and so much to do!  I get started cleaning up, straightening up, organizing, but eventually, I get tired and overwhelmed and I give up.
But this year, I MUST make it happen.  The financials at the studio are getting complicated, and I'm so afraid they'll get out of control.  And I know I work better and feel better when things are in order. 
This is a whole new way of life for me, so if you have any suggestions or encouragement, please share!


  1. Great idea. One of my resolutions was to 'plug up the holes' in the budget, the running of the household, managing time...really, order pretty much covers it.

    My other resolution was to pay more attention to nature. I garden but get so caught up in the plans and the work that I miss so much of what unfolds around me day by day, even this time of year. And that is order too, only on a much larger scale :)

  2. Beautiful, Joann. I forget to pay attention to nature, too. but it really can make any day better.

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